Classroom icon Education and Training Services

Our team works with Federal and Commercial clients to analyze and define performance and training requirements to achieve optimal instructional strategies, courseware design, and delivery modes. We customize our development process to meet our clients' objectives, then we evaluate the performance outcome using measurable and observable behaviors. Our full spectrum of education and training services include:

  • Support Academic Centers of Excellence, Colleges, and School Houses
  • Custom Training Program Design and Development
  • Interactive multimedia instruction for online contextual and engaging courseware
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Delivery
  • Certificate Programs: Project Management, Leadership, Lean Six Sigma, and Business Process
  • Consulting to include Assessments, Coaching Solutions, Competency Modeling, and Focus Groups

Team icon Integrated Management

We follow an agile, methodical approach to supporting our clients in defining their needs and customizing solutions. Our work does not stop when we leave the office. We are constantly in search for the more cost-effective, creative, and innovative solutions. Our primary management services include:

Laptop icon Information Technology Services

We have the expertise to provide a well-credentialed and experienced team to support our clients' information technology (IT) services. Our IT services include:

  • Cyber-security education and training
  • Digital Forensics, Electronic Discovery, and Big Data Analytics
  • Help Desk Management
  • Information Assurance and Security Assessments
  • Database Design and Development
  • Advanced Biometrics Design and Support
  • Network Engineering and Management Support