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Bloomsburie always met deadlines and provided high quality work with thorough research to support findings or decision in curriculum recommendations. The federal staff never had to repeat directions or clarify requirements after the kick-off meeting. The span of work included the 2019 federal shutdown, [where] the contractor continued with logistical arrangements for a major meeting involving national and international stakeholders in the area of Hazardous materials emergency planning and response.

By the time we came back off the shutdown, the contractor had everything in place and ready for us to attend – if they had stopped working this would have put the project back six months. Because they are so thorough in questioning and collecting information regarding the requirements of this meeting, we had no contact until returning and the meeting was coordinated, executed, and met the needs identified in the contract; possibly exceeding our expectations with getting all expected attendants to the right meeting venue.

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I was so very pleased with that meeting…the work you’ve done to date, the ideas you’ve put forth, the integration of previous comments received, and the intelligent and very useful feedback we got from the TED committee. This is shaping up to be an amazing product.


I’ve been very impressed with the development of this training. The information, presentation, and exercises are all very thoughtful and well put together. I think local FPAs will find it useful in performing their work and ultimately believe it will reduce disaster suffering and property damage across the nation. It is easy to get caught up in process, workflow, and development but ultimately the goal of reducing human suffering is what we are trying to accomplish, and I believe this project will move us in that direction. I hope you and the team take a moment to reflect on this as things wrap up. Thanks again for the hard work.


On behalf of PHMSA, I would like to personally thank you for your help in facilitating the Town Hall. The organizers put together an informative program, and the presenters did an outstanding job providing scientific, risk-based information about the safe storage and transportation of liquefied natural gas.

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You have been very valuable to both NFA and USDOT!


They [course modules] look amazing. You are doing great work. Thank you for all your efforts.

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Thank you to everyone at Bloomsburie. It has been great working with you. The course is great, and I am certain it will be well received by the SI community.

Thank you to everyone on this team. I am so glad to be part of it.

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The overall quality, transition, and performance of this contract was exceptional. The Prime was on site ensuring a smooth transition.