Project information

  • Category: Internet of Things
  • Service Areas: Education and Training; Information Technology

Internet of Things (IoT) Virtual Lab

Bloomsburie designed and implemented solutions to create a remotely accessible Internet of Things Laboratory using a variety of software and hardware to meet client objectives:

  • Design and build network architecture to support lab functionality.
  • Develop and implement programs and scripts that allow lab functionality.
  • Design and implement data storage for lab work.
  • Analyze performance of lab systems to make improvements.
  • Prepare a technical report of the lab operations including lab design and user manual.

The Internet of Things Laboratory provides researchers and developers a space to test various internet-enabled devices in an isolated environment. The lab incorporates a web application that allows remote access through the use of virtual machines. Participants are then able to select individual devices and test them without interference from other users. Data collected from the experimentation are used to provide feedback and security recommendations to the vendors that produce the devices. The contract requirements included the following specific tasks:

  • Code development: writing/maintaining code in the application, working on bug fixes and improvements, updating and creating virtual machines, and updating the networking equipment configurations to enable full functionality and security in the lab.
  • Monitoring the lab: monitoring the technical performance of the internal systems of the lab and developing/executing a plan to monitor and record actions taken by the lab participants.
  • Maintaining the lab and its equipment: incorporate automation to maintain the Microsoft Active Directory and maintain operational servers and databases in the lab.
  • Providing technical reports and training processes/documentation for users.